GRYT Endurance Test

Semper Fi & America's Fund

On July 12th, 2017, Patrick Nugent's life changed forever. While deployed on active duty as the executive officer of Cherokee Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, then-1st Lieutenant Nugent was leading a live-fire exercise in Hawaii when a 5.56mm round ricocheted off a nearby rock and hit his lower back. Doctors feared he would not survive, and if he did, predicted that he would never walk again. After a 3 day coma he flew to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where his long road to recovery and the fight to build a new life for himself was just beginning. You can learn more about Patrick’s story and unbreakable spirit in his first interview on the Postmodern Patriot podcast. Now a graduate student at Wharton and Harvard, Patrick provides inspiration to everyone around him through his indomitable will and growth mindset. Every year on or around the date of his injury, Patrick conducts a physical and mental challenge he calls the "GRYT Endurance Test" to push his limits and continue his recovery. On July 10th, 2021, Team Nugent invites you to join us as well. This year’s test consists of: -50 Mile Bike -1,000 Push Ups / 1,000 Squats -25,000 Meter Row -7 Mile Hike (35 pound backpack/ruck) While Patrick will be attempting the full challenge as prescribed ("Rx") in the latest interview with the Postmodern Patriot podcast others will be scaling to suit their current physical abilities. We encourage you to be safe and make smart decisions about what your body can handle. However, we ask that you set the bar higher than you think you are capable of doing and design a program that pushes you beyond the preconceived notions of your own potential and into the realms of infinite possibility that lie beyond pain and suffering. In your preparations we hope you will channel the Semper Fi spirit of our Corps and remember the words of Captain Patrick Donald Nugent USMC (Retired): "FIND A WAY TO WIN!"